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SBWG-3 Doc 01 Rev1 Agenda E Download (pdf, 186 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 02 Rev1 Annotated Agenda Download (pdf, 295 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 03 Rev1 List Of Papers Download (pdf, 188 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 04 Bait Casting Machine Download (pdf, 186 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 05 Rev 1 Factors Affecting Sink Rates Of Pelagic LL Gear Download (pdf, 721 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 06 Underwater Bait Setter Download (pdf, 337 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 07 Rev1 Best Practice Gear For Pelagic LL Gear Download (pdf, 152 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 08 Line Shooter And Mainline Tension Effect On Sinkrates Web Download (pdf, 1.58 MB)
SBWG-3 Doc 09 Propeller Turbulence Download (pdf, 217 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 10 Fishing Gear Ingestion Monitoring Web Download (pdf, 1.04 MB)
SBWG-3 Doc 11 ATF Interim Workshop 2010 E Download (pdf, 164 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 12 ATF Report Mitigation Progress E1 Download (pdf, 607 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 13 Rev1 Melvin Et Al Shrink And Defend Download (pdf, 621 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 14 Rev1 Melvin Et-al Trawl Download (pdf, 586 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 15 Seabird Interactions With Trawl Fishing In Australian Waters E Download (pdf, 553 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 16 Safe Leads E Download (pdf, 229 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 17 Bait Pod E Download (pdf, 188 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 18 Demersal LL Mitigation Best Practice Advice Table E Download (pdf, 98 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 19 Pelagic LL Mitigation Best Practice Advice Table E Download (pdf, 71 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 20 BirdLife Tracking Database E Download (pdf, 136 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 21 Observer Report Kobe 2 E Download (pdf, 48 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 22 Observer Report WCPFC SC5 2009 E Download (pdf, 72 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 23 Observer Report IOTC WPEB5 E Download (pdf, 72 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 24 Observer Report CCSBT ERSWG8 E Download (pdf, 163 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 25 Observer Report IATTC Meetings May2009 E Download (pdf, 92 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 26 Observer Report CCAMLR XXVIII 2009 E Download (pdf, 47 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 27 Observer Report OLDEPESCA E Download (pdf, 98 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 28: Albatross And Petrel Distribution And Overlap With ICCAT Longline Fishing Effort Download (pdf, 805 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 29 IOTC Tracking Overlap With IOTC Effort (Part1-DOCUMENT Only) Download (pdf, 259 KB)
SBWG-3 Doc 30 WCPFC Tracking Overlap APPENDICES Download (pdf, 1.51 MB)
SBWG-3 Doc 30 WCPFC Tracking Overlap NO APPENDICES Download (pdf, 322 KB)
SBWG3 Doc 31: Static Water Sink Rate Trials To Improve Understanding Of Sink Rates Estimated At Sea Download (pdf, 349 KB)
SBWG3 Doc 32: Progress In Seabird Bycatch Assessment & Mitigation In Argentinean Fisheries Download (pdf, 532 KB)

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

About ACAP

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Hobart TAS 7000

Tel: +61 3 6165 6674