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The fifth meeting of the Seabird Bycatch Working Group was held from 1 to 3 May 2013 in La Rochelle, France.

SBWG Report: AC7 Doc 14 Rev 2 / CA7 Doc 14 Rev 2 / CC7 Doc 14 Rev 2

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SBWG5 Doc 01 Rev 2: Agenda Download (pdf, 139 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 02 Rev 1: Annotated Agenda Download (pdf, 325 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 03 Rev 1: Meeting Schedule Download (pdf, 105 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 05 Rev 1: List of Meeting Papers Download (pdf, 238 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 06: Conservation implications of pink-footed shearwater (Puffinus creatopus) movements and fishery interactions Download (pdf, 1.36 MB)
SBWG5 Doc 07: Research into undetected seabird mortality in a demersal trawl fishery Download (pdf, 140 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 08: Early results from trials of Bird Scaring Lines (BSLs) attached to 14 m booms on a demersal trawler Download (pdf, 169 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 09: Seabird mitigation in New Zealand’s scampi trawl fishery Download (pdf, 747 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 10: Development of the Kellian Line Setter for Inshore Bottom Longline Fisheries to reduce availability of hooks to seabirds. Preliminary report Download (pdf, 399 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 11 Rev 1: Warp strike mitigation devices in use on trawlers > 28 m in length operating in New Zealand fisheries Download (pdf, 1.38 MB)
SBWG5 Doc 12 : New Zealand’s Approach to Assessment of Risk to Seabirds Associated with Fishing- Related Mortality Download (pdf, 256 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 12 Attachement 1: Risk of commercial fisheries to New Zealand seabird populations Download (pdf, 887 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 12 Attachement 2: Application of Potential Biological Removal methods to seabird populations Download (pdf, 863 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 13: ACAP bycatch Indicators Download (pdf, 230 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 14 Rev 1: ACAP Photo Identification Guide for Seabird Bycatch Download (pdf, 2.90 MB)
SBWG5 Doc 15: Mitigation Fact Sheets – Progress with most recent translations and proposals for a formal review process Download (pdf, 148 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 16: Review of bycatch data reporting by Parties Download (pdf, 415 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 17: ACAP prioritisation framework of at-sea threats Download (pdf, 200 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 18 Rev 1: Review of CCAMLR’s Seabird Risk Assessment Process Download (pdf, 374 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 19: Review of mitigation techniques for gill net fisheries – preliminary summary for seabirds Download (pdf, 429 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 20: A review of conditions relating to seabird bycatch in Marine Stewardship Council fisheries assessments Download (pdf, 359 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 21: SBWG Work Programme 2013 - 2015 Download (pdf, 218 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 22 Rev 1: Use of lethal and non-lethal approaches for testing seabird bycatch reduction methods Download (pdf, 441 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 23: Review of Seabird Bycatch Data collection in tuna RFMOs Download (pdf, 966 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 24: Review of RFMO Engagement Strategy Download (pdf, 158 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 25: Electronic Monitoring of Seabird Bycatch Download (pdf, 163 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 26: Implementación del Plan de Acción Nacional Para Reducir la Interacción de Aves con Pesquerías en la República Argentina Download (pdf)
SBWG5 Doc 27: Superposición espacial durante el período no reproductivo de Albatros de Ceja Negra de Islas Malvinas con pesquerías de arrastre y palangre Download (pdf)
SBWG5 Doc 28: Mortalidad Incidental Asociada a Arrastreros Fresqueros en Argentina: Efecto del Descarte Download (pdf, 146 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 29: Mortalidad Incidental en la Pesquería de Palangre Demersal Argentina, 2001 - 2010 Download (pdf, 220 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 30: Un enfoque integrado para reducir la mortalidad incidental de albatros y petreles en pesquerías de arrastre de Argentina Download (pdf, 85 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 31: Improving ACAP’s advice on best practice line weighting for coastal State pelagic longline fisheries Download (pdf, 149 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 32: Criteria for Best Practice Seabird Bycatch Mitigation Download (pdf, 183 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 33: Do leaded swivels close to hooks affect the catch rate of target species in pelagic longline? Download (pdf, 234 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 34: Influence of electric fishing lights on sink rates of baited hooks in Brazilian pelagic long line Download (pdf, 334 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 35: Seabird Smart Training Workshops and Liaison Officer for New Zealand Inshore Fisheries Download (pdf, 100 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 36: Tasa de mortalidad de aves marinas y pruebas de eficiencia de líneas espantapájaros en la flota congeladora de arrastre de fondo del Mar Argentino Download (pdf, 265 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 37: Bycatch of Black petrel in New Zealand fisheries Download (pdf, 133 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 38: Albatross Task Force: advances in mitigation research Download (pdf, 155 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 39: Seabird mortality in the Chilean demersal Hake trawl fishery and the effect of bird-scaring lines as a mitigation measure Download (pdf, 325 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 40: Seabird mortality estimate and results of line weighting trials for the Namibian demersal Hake longline fishery Download (pdf, 191 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 41 Rev 1: Seabird mortality estimate for the Namibian demersal Hake trawl fishery Download (pdf, 240 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 42: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Light treamer Tori-Lines and Characteristics of Bait Attacks by Seabirds in the Western North Pacific Download (pdf, 240 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 43: Comparison of the effectiveness of paired and single tori lines for preventing bait attacks by seabirds and their bycatch in pelagic longline fisheries Download (pdf, 11 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 44: Seabird Bycatch During Pelagic Longline Fishing: Gear Retrieval vs. Gear Deployment Download (pdf, 239 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 45: Seabird bycatch reduction in New Zealand surface longline fisheries Download (pdf, 334 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 46: Effectiveness of tori line use to reduce seabird bycatch in the Uruguayan pelagic longline fleet and modifications to improve its performance Download (pdf, 534 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 47: Bycatch of great albatrosses in pelagic longline fishing of the southwest Atlantic Download (pdf, 155 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 48: Molecular analysis reveals the occurrence of Shy albatross in the southwest Atlantic and its bycatch in longline vessels Download (pdf, 132 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 49: Effect of reduced distance between the hook and weight in pelagic longline branchlines on seabird attack and bycatch rates and on the catch of target species Download (pdf, 374 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 50: Does propeller turbulence affect the sink rate of baited hooks and their availability to seabirds in pelagic longline fisheries? Download (pdf, 69 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 51: New branch line weighting regimes to reduce the risk of seabird mortality in pelagic longline fisheries without affecting fish catch Download (pdf, 72 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 52: Addendum to SBWG5 Doc 51 Download (pdf, 81 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 53: Developing methods to review the effectiveness of seabird bycatch mitigation regulations in tuna RFMOs Download (pdf, 165 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 54: Assessment of the Action Plan aimed at reducing incidental catch of seabirds in the French EEZ included in the CCAMLR division 58.5.1 and subarea 58.6 Download (pdf, 497 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 55: Informe del Taller de presentación de los avances y resultados de los programas dirigidos a la reducción de la mortalidad de los Albatros de Galápagos (Phoebastria irrorata) en Ecuador Download (pdf, 256 KB)
SBWG5 Doc 56: The incidental catch of seabirds in gillnet fisheries: a global review Download (pdf, 54 KB)

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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