Folder SBWG8 Information Papers

pdf SBWG8 Inf 01: Namibian large pelagic longline fleet: creating a baseline to assess the impact of this fishery on seabirds

Download (pdf, 371 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_01 Namibian Large Pelagic Longline Fleet MAREE et al.pdf

Agenda Item 8. Bronwyn Maree et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 02: Seabird mortality in the Namibian demersal longline fishery and recommendations for best practice mitigation measures. SUMMARY ONLY

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SBWG8_Inf_02 Namibia DLL & Best Practice Mitigation_PATERSON et al ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 7.  John R.B. Paterson et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 03: Update on the seabird component of the Common Oceans Tuna Project

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SBWG8_Inf_03 Common Oceans Tuna Project update BIRDLIFE S AFRICA.pdf

Agenda Item 15.  BirdLife South Africa.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 04: Man versus machine: electronic monitoring versus on-board observers in small-scale fisheries in Peru. SUMMARY ONLY

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SBWG8_Inf_04 SSF electronic monitoring BARTHOLOMEW et al ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 16.  David Bartholomew et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 05: Sex-related variation in the vulnerability of wandering albatrosses to pelagic longline fleets. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 179 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_05 Wandering albatross PLLs JIMENEZ et al ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 17.1.  Sebastián Jiménez et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 06: Sexual size dimorphism, spatial segregation and sex-biased bycatch of southern and northern royal albatrosses in pelagic longline fisheries. SUMMARY ONLY

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SBWG8_Inf_06 Royal albatrosses PLLs JIMENEZ et al ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 17.1.  Sebastián Jiménez et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 07: Workshop report: Collaborative work to assess seabird bycatch in pelagic longline fleets (South Atlantic and Indian Oceans). June 2017, Uruguay

Download (pdf, 443 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_07 Collaborative seabird bycatch assessment JIMENEZ et al.pdf

Agenda Item 15.  Sebastián Jiménez et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 08: The performance of Hookpods under commercial fishing conditions in the Brazilian pelagic longline fleet

Download (pdf, 280 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_08 Hookpod_Update Brazil SILVA-COSTA et al.pdf

Agenda Item 8.1.  Silva-Costa, A. et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 09: Update on electronic monitoring and logbook verification in Australian Commonwealth fisheries

Download (pdf, 1.48 MB)

SBWG8_Inf_09 EM and logbook verification WALLIS & BARRINGTON.pdf

Agenda Item 16.1.  Claire Wallis, Jonathon HS Barrington.  Please view file in browser set to use Adobe Reader plug-in to view PDFs (not Chrome), or save and open with Adobe Reader to see attachement panel.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 10: Emerging platforms to monitor occurrence and threats: The waved albatross in Chile and the Southeast Pacific. SUMMARY ONLY

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SBWG8_Inf_10 Waved albatross in Chile SUAZO et al ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 17.1.  Cristián G. Suazo et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 11: Albatross Task Force: 2018-2020

Download (pdf, 232 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_11 ATF 2018-2020_BIRDLIFE.pdf

Agenda Item 13.  BirdLife International. 

pdf SBWG8 Inf 12: Seabird mortality in the Ecuadorian artisanal demersal longline fishery - an update, and priorities

Download (pdf, 591 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_12 Ecuadorian longline fishery BIRDLIFE.pdf

Agenda Item 11.  BirdLife International.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 13: Working towards the reduction of seabird bycatch in Southern cone fisheries

Download (pdf, 191 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_13 Southern Cone Workshop_BIRDLIFE.pdf

Agenda Item 6.  BirdLife International.  

pdf SBWG8 Inf 14: Statistical Characteristics of BPUE (Birds per Unit Effort) of longline fisheries

Download (pdf, 422 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_14 BPUE in Longlines TSUJI.pdf

Agenda Item 14.  Sachiko Tsuji..

pdf SBWG8 Inf 16: Discard management as a seabird bycatch mitigation tool: Results from further batch-discard trials

Download (pdf, 375 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_16 Discard Management_KUEPFER & POMPERT.pdf

Agenda Item 6.1. Amanda Kuepfer, Joost Pompert.  

pdf SBWG8 Inf 17: The Warp Deflector (pinkie system): Practical implications of a physical seabird bycatch mitigation device

Download (pdf, 575 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_17 Warp Deflector_KUEPFER.pdf

Agenda Item 6.1.  Amanda Kuepfer.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 18: Testing the Hookpod-mini in the New Zealand pelagic longline fishery. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 168 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_18 Hookpod-minis in NZ Pelagic longlines GOAD et al_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 8.1.  Dave Goad et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 19: Encouraging uptake of mitigation measures in a disparate small vessel fleet

Download (pdf, 232 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_19 NZ bycatch liaison programme GOAD & RAMM.pdf

Agenda Item 13.  Dave Goad & Kris Ramm.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 20: Stocktake of measures for mitigating the incidental capture of seabirds in New Zealand commercial fisheries

Download (pdf, 118 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_20 NZ mitigation stocktake PARKER & MOLLOY.pdf

Agenda Item 13.  Graham Parker and Janice Molloy.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 21: Implementation and review of New Zealand’s 2013 NPOA-Seabirds

Download (pdf, 401 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_21 New Zealand's NPOA Seabirds_AUSTIN et al.pdf

Agenda Item 19.1.  Sonja Austin et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 22: Electronic Monitoring of Seabird Captures in New Zealand Bottom Longline Fisheries

Download (pdf, 245 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_22 NZ EM Bottom Longlines AUSTIN & WALKER.pdf

Agenda Item 22.  Sonja Austin, Nathan Walker.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 23 Rev 1: Perspectives on the Commercial Viability and Efficacy of Alternative Methods to Reduce Seabird Bycatch during Gear Haulback

Download (pdf, 816 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_23 Rev 1 Alternative methods during haulback GILMAN & MUSYL.pdf

Agenda Item 8.1.  Eric Gilman and Mike Musyl.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 24: Recent U.S. experience with electronic monitoring, seabird monitoring, and incorporation into standard management protocols

Download (pdf, 190 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_24 US EM and seabird monitoring_FITZGERALD et al.pdf

Agenda Item 16.1.  Shannon Fitzgerald et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 25: Effectiveness of tori line use to reduce seabird bycatch in pelagic longline fishing. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 175 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_25 Tori line in PLLs DOMINGO et al_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 8.1.  Andrés Domingo et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 26: Seabird bycatch in purse seine fisheries: Status of knowledge and mitigation measures. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 182 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_26 Bycatch in purse seines_Review SUAZO et al_ABSTRACT1.pdf

Agenda Item 10.1.  Cristián G. Suazo et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 27 Rev 1: Effect of reduced distance between the hook and weight in pelagic longline branch-lines on seabird attack and bycatch rates and on the catch of target species. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 112 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_27 Rev 1 Reduced distance in branch lines JIMENEZ et al_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 8. Sebastián Jiménez et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 28 Rev 1: Ecological risk assessment of the Itaipava fleet, ES, Brazil, on albatrosses and petrels in the southwest Atlantic

Download (pdf, 1.73 MB)

SBWG8_Inf_28 Rev 1 Risk_analysis_Itaipava MARQUES et al.pdf

Agenda Item 17.1.  Marques, C. et al.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 29: New Zealand’s Integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting System for Commercial Fisheries

Download (pdf, 252 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_29 NZ EM & Reporting System PIERRE1.pdf

Agenda Item 16.1.  J. P. Pierre.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 30: Updating New Zealand’s bycatch estimations and risk assessment

Download (pdf, 1.34 MB)

SBWG8_Inf_30 NZ Bycatch estimations & risk assessment WALKER & ABRAHAM..pdf

Agenda Item 17.1.  Nathan Walker and Edward Abraham.

pdf SBWG8 Inf 31: Mechanised Bait Throwing Device

Download (pdf, 329 KB)

SBWG8_Inf_31 Mechanised Bait Throwing Device_BROTHERS.pdf

Agenda Item 8.3. Nigel Brothers.

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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