Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Folder SBWG1 Meeting Documents

pdf SBWG1 Paper 01 Agenda

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SBWG1_Paper 01_Agenda.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 02 ACAP Bycatch Working Group Strategy - April 2007

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SBWG1_Paper 02_ACAP Bycatch Working Group Strategy - April 2007.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 03 Robertson 2007 Underwater Bait Setting Capsule for Pelagic LL Fisheries

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SBWG1_Paper 03_Robertson 2007_Underwater bait setting capsule for pelagic LL fisheries.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 04 UK Update on Mitigation for South Atlantic Demersal LLs & Trawlers

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SBWG1_Paper 04_UK Update on mitigation for South Atlantic demersal LLers & trawlers.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 05 Bugoni et al 2007 Hook & Line Fisheries in Brazil

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SBWG1_Paper 05_Bugoni et al 2007_Hook & line fisheries in Brazil.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 06 Pelagic LL Mitigation Research Plan - Outline

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SBWG1_Paper 06_Pelagic LL Mitigation Research Plan - Outline.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 07 Melvin 2006 Pelagic LL Fisheries Best-practice Mitigation Proposal

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SBWG1_Paper 07_Melvin 2006_Pelagic LL fisheries best-practice mitigation proposal.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 08 Moreno Et Al 2007 Cachaloteras - Seabird & Mammal Mitigation In Chilean Toothfish Fishery

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SBWG1_Paper 08_Moreno et al 2007_Cachaloteras - Seabird & mammal mitigation in Chilean toothfish fishery.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 10 Indicators Paper For Bycatch Working Group

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SBWG1_Paper 10_Indicators paper for Bycatch Working Group.pdf

pdf SBWG1 Paper 11 Petersen et al 2007 Benguela Ecosystem Approach to Fishing

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SBWG1_Paper 11_Petersen et al 2007_Benguela ecosystem approach to fishing3.pdf