World Seabird Union seeks host for the Fourth World Seabird Conference in 2026

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Expressions of interest are sought by the World Seabird Union (WSU) to host the Fourth World Seabird Conference (WSC4) in 2026.

“The WSU seeks a Local Host for WSC4 who will work hand in hand with the WSU board of directors to promote and showcase the presentation of global seabird research and conservation efforts. The WSU is committed to facilitating WSC4, and we believe that the best approach to developing a successful conference is to partner with a Local Committee and allow them substantial flexibility in the planning and management of the conference. The International Steering Committee of the WSU will be available to provide support, advice, and assistance in all phases of the conference as needed or requested but does not intend to manage the Local Committee.”

The inaugural World Seabird Conference, led by Pacific Seabird Group, was hosted in Victoria, Canada in 2010. Cape Town, South Africa hosted WSC2 in 2015, and WSC3 was to be held in Hobart, Tasmania in 2021, but had to be moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expressions of interest can be made through an online form at the following link,

The deadline for submissions is October 5th, 2023.

20 September 2023

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