Book review. Rehabilitation of procellariiform seabirds in Brazil, a manual in Portuguese


This book is a thorough introduction to the complex task of rehabilitating procellariiform seabirds written by world experts in the field of seabird medicine and rehabilitation.  It was written for use in Brazil and is only available in Portuguese; however, the content is universally applicable.  Rehabilitation of albatrosses, petrels and other procellariiform seabirds is a difficult task that requires exceptional skill and specialised techniques and equipment.  This publication documents the most successful techniques learned by rehabilitation centres around the world.  Veterinary care and stabilisation, correct hosing and enclosures for these birds, handling and transport, feeding, swimming and safe release are just some of the important topics covered.  This publication will go a long way towards making procellariiform rehabilitation more professional and improving the number of birds that are successfully released after rehabilitation.  I hope that the authors secure funding for English and Spanish translations in the near future.

The book’s chapter headings follow in Portuguese with English translations in parentheses:

1. INTRODUÇÃO (Introduction)

2. BIOLOGIA GERAL E ESPÉCIES COM OCORRÊNCIA NO BRASIL (General biology and species occurring in Brazil)

3. AMEAÇAS À CONSERVAÇÃO DOS PROCELLARIIFORMES NO BRASIL (Threats to the conservation of procellariiforms in Brazil)

4. INSTALAÇÕES E RECINTOS (Facilities and enclosures)

5. BIOSSEGURANÇA E USO DE EQUIPAMENTOS DE PROTEÇÃO INDIVIDUAL (Biosafety and use of personal protective equipment)

6. CONTENÇÃO FÍSICA, ESTABILIZAÇÃO EM CAMPO E TRANSPORTE (Physical containment, field stabilization and transportation)

7. ADMISSÃO E EXAME FÍSICO (Admission and physical examination)

8. ASPECTOS GERAIS DE MEDICINA E REABILITAÇÃO (General aspects of medicine and rehabilitation)

9. REABILITAÇÃO DE PROCELLARIIFORMES OLEADOS (Rehabilitation of oiled procellariiforms)

10. DEVOLUÇÃO À NATUREZA (SOLTURA) (Return to nature (release))

11. EUTANÁSIA (Euthanasia)

12. BIOMETRIA, COLHEITA DE AMOSTRAS BIOLÓGICAS E NECROPSIA (Biometrics, collection of biological samples and necropsy

13. DOCUMENTAÇÃO E FOTODOCUMENTAÇÃO (Documentation and photo-documentation)


15. CONSIDERAÇÕES DE BIOSSEGURANÇA PARA ATIVIDADES DE CAMPO (Biosafety considerations for field activities)

With thanks to Patricia Pereira Serafini.


Hurtado, R., Saviolli, J.Y. & Vanstreels, R.E.T. (Eds) 2020.  Reabilitação de Procellariiformes: (albatrozes, petréis, pardelas).  Santos, Brazil: Editora Comunnicar.  111 pp.  Many illustrations in colour.  Published electronically.  ISBN 978-85-8136-138-3.

David Roberts, Clinical Veterinarian, Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB), 20 July 2020

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