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The first meeting of the Population and Conservation Status Working Group was held  29 - 30 April 2013 in La Rochelle, France.

PaCSWG Report: AC7 Doc 12 Rev 2 /CA7 Doc 12 Rev 2 / CC7 Doc 12 Rev 2

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 01 Rev 2: Draft Agenda

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Agenda Item 3. Author: PCSWG Convenors.

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 02 Rev 1: List of meeting documents

Descargar (pdf, 165 KB)


Agenda Item 3. Author: PaCSWG Convenors.

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 03 Rev 1: Black-browed albatross numbers in Chile increase in response to reduced mortality in fisheries

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Agenda Item 5.2.  Author: G. Robertson et al. (English, Spanish and French summary)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 04 Rev:The IUCN Red List assessments and Red List Index for species covered by the Agreement

Descargar (pdf, 232 KB)


Agenda Item 8.1.  Author: S. Butchart et al. (In English wih Spanish and French summary)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 05: Best practice techniques for translocations of burrow-nesting petrels and shearwaters

Descargar (pdf, 651 KB)


Agenda Item 9.2.  Author: New Zealand. (In English with Spanish and French summary)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 06 Rev 1: Guidelines for translocations of surface-nesting albatrosses and petrels

Descargar (pdf, 429 KB)


Agenda Item 9.2. Author: Judy Jacobs et al. (In English with Spanish and French summary).  The latest version of these guidelines is available here.

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 07: ACAP Guidelines on hook removal from seabirds

Descargar (pdf, 1.26 MB)


Agenda Item 11.1. Author: PCSWG and SBWG Convenors and Secretariat.  The latest version of these guidelines is availalbe from

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 08: Plan National d’Actions pour la sauvegarde de l’albatros d’Amsterdam Diomedea amsterdamensis en France

Descargar (pdf, 1.64 MB)


Agenda Item 4. Author: Jean-Baptiste Thiebot. (In French with English and Spanish summary)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 09: Distribución espacial de Albatros de Ceja Negra durante el periodo no reproductivo

Descargar (pdf, 155 KB)


Agenda Item 6.2.  Author: Argentina. (In Spanish with English and French summary)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 10: Molecular detection of seven infectious agents in seabirds of Amsterdam Island

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Agenda Item 9.3.  Author: A. Jaeger et al. (In English, Spanish and French)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 11: Recent Indian yellow-nosed and sooty albatrosses trends on Amsterdam Island, Indian Ocean

Descargar (pdf, 350 KB)


Agenda Item 5.2. Author: J. Demay et al. (In English with Spanish and French abstract)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 12 Rev 1: Global Procellariiform Tracking Database update

Descargar (pdf, 530 KB)


Agenda Item 6.2.  Author: Ben Lascelles and Mark Miller, BirdLife International (In English with Spanish and French summary)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 13 Rev 1: Use and exploitation of channel waters by the black-browed albatross

Descargar (pdf, 788 KB)


Agenda Item 6.2. Author: Javier A. Arata et al. (In English with Spanish and French abstract)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 14: An assessment of the population trends and conservation status of Black-browed Albatrosses in the Falkland Islands

Descargar (pdf, 259 KB)


Agenda Item 5.2. Author: Anton Wolfaardt (United Kingdom). (In English with Spanish and French summary)

pdf PCSWG1 Doc 15 Rev 1: Recent and current research on Balearic shearwater on colonies and in Atlantic and Mediterranean areas

Descargar (pdf, 605 KB)


Agenda Items 5, 6.  Author: A. Boué et al. (In English with Spanish and French abstract).  Rev 1 contains amendments to Table 2 on p.13.

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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