Party time! Dance in the New Year with Pacific albatrosses

OK, so this is not actually "latest news", but it is the end of 2011, so let's celebrate an eight-month daily streak* with ACAP Latest News by dancing in the New Year albatross-style.

Choose your favourite albatross and enjoy!


Dance One

Black-footed Albatross at Kaena Point, Oahu, Hawaii
Photograph by Lindsay Young


Dance One

Dance Two

Dance Three

Laysan Albatrosses on Isla Clarión, Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico
Photograph by Ross Wanless


Dance One

Dance Two

Dance Three

Waved Albatross, Isla Española, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Photograph by John Cooper

Short-taileds (and other species):

Dance One

Short-tailed Albatross, Kure Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, USA
Photograph by Cynthia Vanderlip

All the best to all for 2012.

*a spell or run (informal)

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 31 December 2012

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