ACAP posts 40 working papers for its Fifth Advisory Committee meeting next month

ACAP's Advisory Committee will hold its Fifth Meeting in Mar del Plata, Argentina over 13-17 April 2010 (click here for the meeting circulars and for the registration form).

Forty working papers for the meeting (25 Documents in the three ACAP languages of English, French and Spanish and 15 Information Papers in English) have now been posted to this web site

Documents of interest to wider audiences include Conservation Guidelines for Biosecurity and Quarantine Measures with Application to ACAP Breeding Sites (AC5 Doc 19) and a Report on the Implementation of the Waved Albatross Action Plan (AC5 Doc20).

Meeting documents also give an update of the IUCN Red List for ACAP species (noting impending changes to the threatened status of Chatham and Laysan Albatrosses and Southern Giant Petrels; AC5 Doc 34) and discuss Important Breeding Areas holding ACAP-listed species (IBAs; AC5 Doc 33).

Information papers include an updated assessment of albatrosses and giant petrels at the South African Prince Edward Islands (AC5 Inf 2) and 14 Bycatch Mitigation Sheets co-produced by ACAP and BirdLife International that give practical information on seabird bycatch mitigation measures for both longline and trawl fisheries (AC5 Inf 4).

A short review of the conservation status of shearwaters of the genera Calonectris and Puffinus (AC5 Inf 15) has been produced to aid the Advisory Committee in considering potential candidate species for listing within the Agreement.


John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 15 March 2010


The Agreement on the
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