Recent books on Southern Ocean islands supporting ACAP-listed species


The sub-Antarctic and cool temperate islands of the Southern Ocean all support populations of ACAP-listed species of albatrosses and petrels.  A large number of books and booklets has been published since the year 2000 dealing with various aspects of these southern islands, including historical and personal accounts, scholarly reviews of scientific research, bird and field guides, specialist studies and popular illustrated treatments.  A selective bibliographic list follows, arranged alphabetically by island groups. Books that cover more than one group of islands are listed separately. Only the most recent editions are listed.  Titles marked with REVIEW have been reviewed in ACAP Latest News.  Details of new titles should be sent to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..

See other resource documents on this web site for lists of island management and species conservation plans.

Pain forms the character.1 

"Pains forms the Character" - see the Prince Edward Islands section below

Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty, Campbell and Snares Islands

Allen, Madeleine F. 1997. Wake of the Invercauld. Shipwrecked in the sub-Antarctic: a  Great Grand-daughter's Pilgrimage.  Auckland: Exisle Publishing. 256 pp. ISBN 0-908988-02-8.

Atkinson, Tudor 2001. ‘St Michael' Goes South: a 31 Foot Motor-sailor in Support of the 1972/73 Auckland Islands Scientific Expedition. Wellington: Department of Conservation. 136 pp. ISBN 0-478-22102-9.

[Austin, Alfred] 2004. A Musterer's Sojourn on Campbell Island; the Diary of Alfred Austin, 1919-1921. Edited by Paul Dingwall and Geoff Gregory. With commentaries by Conon Fraser, Erick Brenstrum, and Peter Moore. Wellington: Department of Conservation. 135 pp. ISBN 0-478-22094-4.

Dingwall, P.R., Jones, K.L. & Egerton, R. (Eds). 2009.  In Care of the Southern Ocean: an Archaeological and Historical Survey of the Auckland Islands.  Auckland: New Zealand Archaeological Association.  317 pp.  ISBN 978-0-9582977-0-7.

Fell, Derek 2002. Campbell Island. Land of the Blue Flower. Auckland: David Bateman. 143 pp. ISBN 1-86953-501-4.

Miskelly, Colin & Symes, Craig 2020.  Lost Gold: Ornithology of the Subantarctic Auckland Islands. Wellingtion: Te Papa Press.  436 pp.  ISBN 978-0-9951136-6-4.

Peat, Neville 2006. Subantarctic New Zealand. A Rare Heritage. Revised Edition. Invercargill: Department of Conservation. 96 pp. ISBN 0-478-14088-6.

Raynal, François 1880. Wrecked on a Reef; or, Twenty Months in the Auckland Islands. A True Story of Shipwreck, Adventure and Suffering. Edinburgh: T. Nelson & Sons. (facsimile edited by Mortelier, Christiane 2003. Wellington: Steele Roberts. 260 pp. ISBN 1-877228-88-5).

Riddell, Shona 2018. Trial of Strength.  Adventures and Misadventures on the Wild and Remote Subantarctic Islands.   Auckland: Exisle Publishing. 264 pp. ISBN 10-9781775593560

Russ, Rodney, Terauds, Aleks & Stewart, Fiona 2009.  Galapagos of the Antarctic.  Wild Islands south of New Zealand.  Christchurch: Heritage Expeditions. 224 pp.  ISBN 978-0-473-14635-1.

Taylor, Rowley 2006. Straight Through from London. The Antipodes and Bounty Islands. Christchurch: Heritage Expeditions New Zealand. 415 pp. ISBN 0-473-10650-7.

Turbott, Graham 2002. Year Away. Wartime Coastwatching on the Auckland Islands, 1944. Wellington: Department of Conservation. 153 pp. ISBN 0-478-22268-8. 

Crozet and Kerguelen Islands

Arnaud, Patrick, Beurois, Jean, Couesnon, Pierre & Le Mouel, Jean-Francois 2007.  Phoquiers de la Desolation.  La Chasse aux Elephants de Mer aux Iles Kerguelen par les Navires-usines Francais (1925-1931). Vacheres: Francoise Jambois. 268 pp. ISBN 978-2-9530233-0-5.

Duhamel, G.N., Gasco, P. & Davaine, P. 2005.  Poissons des iles Kerguelen et Crozet.  Guide Regional de l'Ocean Austral.  Paris: Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle.

Galteland, Odd 2013.  A/S Kerguelen 1908-1921.  The Optimism, the Dreams - and the Dull Working Day.  Sandefjord: Vestfoldmuseene, 72 pp.  ISBN 978-82-990595-0-3

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)*

Falklands Conservation 2006.  Important Bird Areas of the Falkland Islands. London: Falklands Conservation. 160 pp. ISBN 0-953837106-5.

Jones, Alexander G. 2004.  Insects of the Falkland Islands. London: Falklands Conservation. 33 pp. ISBN 0-9538371-3-0.

Liddle, Ali 2007.  Plants of the Falkland Islands. London: Falklands Conservation. 5 pp. ISBN 978-0-953871-9-9.

Schafer, Kevin 2003.  The Falkland Islands Between the Wind & Sea. Freshwater, Isle of Wight, UK: Coach House Publications. ISBN 1-899-392-262.

Strange, Ian & Strange, Georgina 2005.  Atmosphere: Landscapes of the Falkland Islands.  London: HarperCollins.  75 pp.  ISBN  0955-070805.

Strange, Ian & Strange, Georgina 2009.  A Penguin's World.  London: HarperCollins.  80 pp.  ISBN 978-0-9550708-2-2.

Summers, Debbie 2005.  A Visitor's Guide to the Falkland Islands. Second Edition. London: Falklands Conservation. 132 pp. ISBN 0-9538-3715-7.

Wagstaff, William 2001.  Falkland Islands.  The Bradt Travel Guide. Chalton St Peter, UK: Bradt Travel Guides Ltd. 182 pp. ISBN 1 884162 037 8.

Heard & McDonald Islands

Green, Ken & Woehler, Eric (Eds) 2006.  Heard Island: Southern Ocean Sentinel. Chipping Norton: Surrey Beatty & Sons. 270 pp. ISBN 949324 98 1.

Hibberd, Ty & Moore, Kirrily 2009.  Field Identification Guide to Heard Island and McDonald Islands Benthic Invertebrates: a Guide for Scientific Observers aboard Fishing Vessels. Kingston: Australian Antarctic Division.  152 pp.  ISBN  9781876934156.

Hince, Bernadette (Ed.) 2011.  Unique & Unspoilt.  A Year among the Natural Wonders of Heard Island.  The 1953 Journals of John Béchervaise.  Canberra: National Library of Australia.  211 pp.  ISBN 978-0-642-27692-6.

Macquarie Island

Anderson, M.  2014.  Feral Dilemma.  The Life of a Ranger on sub-Antarctic Marion Island.  Hobart: Forty South Publishing.  307 pp.  ISBN 978-0-9925513-0-8.  

Greenslade, Penelope 2006. Invertebrates of Macquarie Island. Kingston: Australian Antarctic Division. 344 pp. ISBN 1 876934 107.

Lester, Alison & Tulloch, Coral 2011.  One Small Island. The Story of Macquarie Island.  Melbourne: Penguin Group.  unpaginated. ISBN 978-0-670-07236-1.(children's book)

Seppelt, Rod D. 2004. The Moss Flora of Macquarie Island. Kingston: Australian Antarctic Division. 342 pp. ISBN 1 876934 077.

Terauds, Aleks & Stewart, Fiona 2005. Albatross.  Elusive Mariners of the Southern Ocean. Sydney: Reed New Holland. 175 pp. ISBN 1 877069 26 4.

Terauds, Aleks & Stewart, Fiona 2008. Subantarctic Wilderness. Macquarie Island. Crows Nest: Jacana Books. 176 pp. ISBN 9781741753028.

Prince Edward Islands

Chown, Steven L. & Froneman, Pierre William (Eds) 2008. The Prince Edward Islands. Land-sea Interactions in a Changing Ecosystem. Stellenbosch: SUN PReSS. 450 pp. ISBN 978-1-920109-85-1.

de Bruyn, P.J. Nico & Oosthuizen, W. Chris (Eds). 2017.  Pain forms the Character: Doc Bester, Cat Hunters & Sealers. [Stellenbosch]: Antarctic Legacy of South Africa.  464 pp.  ISBN 978-0-620-74912-1.

de Villiers, Marienne S., Chown, Steven L. & Cooper, John 2011.  Prince Edward Islands Conservation Handbook:  Keeping your Footprint at the Islands Small.  Stellenbosch: SUN PRESS.  80 pp.  ISBN 978-1-920338-54-1.

Huntley, Brian J. 2016.  Exploring a sub-Antarctic Wilderness.  A Personal Narrative of the First Biological & Geological Expedition to Marion and Prince Edward Islands 1965/1966.  Stellenbosch: Antarctic Legacy of South Africa.  268 pp.  ISBN 978-0-620-70521-9.

Terauds, Aleks, Cooper, John, Chown, Steven L. & Ryan, Peter [G.] 2010.  Marion & Prince Edward.  Africa's Southern Islands.  Stellenbosch: SUN PReSS. 176 pp.  ISBN 978-1-920338-42-8. 

Joubert, Leonie S. 2006.  Scorched.  South Africa’s Changing Climate.  Johannesburg: Wits University Press.  251 pp.  ISBN 978-1-86814-437-2.

"Webfoot" [= Phelps, William Dane] 1871. Fore and Aft; or, Leaves from the Life of an Old Sailor. Boston: Nichols  & Hall.  359 pp.  2011 Facsmile reprint by Kessinger Publishing.  ISBN 1104056259.

South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (Islas Georgias del Sur e Islas Sandwich del Sur)*

Agnew, David J. 2004. Fishing South. The History and Management of South Georgia Fisheries. St Albans: Penna Press. 123 pp. ISBN 0-9547948-0-X.

Basberg, Bjørn L. 2004. The Shore Whaling Stations at South Georgia. A Study in Antarctic Industrial Archaeology. Oslo: Novus Press. 226 pp. ISBN 82-7099-394-8.

Burton, Robert 2005. South Georgia. Second Edition. [Stanley]: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. 48 pp. ISBN 0 9529008 1 5.

Burton, Robert 2013.  The Maritime History of South Georgia.  Dundee: South Georgia Heritage Trust.  32 pp.  ISBN 978-09564546-2-1.

Burton, Robert & Croxall, John P. (Eds). 2012.  A Field Guide to the Wildlife of South GeorgiaPrinceton University Press, WILDGuides & South Georgia Heritage Trust.  200 pp.  ISBN: 9780691156613.

Galbraith, Deidre 2011.  A Field Guide to the Flora of South Georgia.  Dundee:  South Georgia Heritage Trust & WILDGuides.  72 pp.  ISBN 978-0-9564546-0-7. 

Kohl-Larsen, Ludwig (translated by William Barr) 2003.  South Georgia Gateway to Antarctica.  Bluntisham: Bluntisham Books & Norwich: The Erskine Press.  294 pp. ISBN 1 85297 075 8.

Martin, Tony with photographs by members of Team Rat.  [2015].  Reclaiming South Georgia.  The Defeat of Furry Invaders on a sub-Antarctic Island.  [Dundee]: South Georgia Heritage Trust.  144 pp.  ISBN 978-0-9564546-3-8.  REVIEW

Mathews, Eleanor 2003.  Ambassador to the Penguins. A Naturalist’s Year Aboard a Yankee Whaleship.  Boston: David R. Godine.  353 pp.  ISBN 1-56792-246-5.

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Poncet, Sally & Crosbie, Kim 2005. A Visitor's Guide to South Georgia. [Maidenhead, UK]: WILDGuides. 179 pp. ISBN 1-903657-08-3.

Tristan da Cunha & Gough Island

Buxton, Edmund D. 2001. Island Chaplain Tristan da Cunha 1975-1978. Winchester: George Mann Publications. 96 pp. ISBN 0-95-244247-7.

Crawford, Allan Bryant 2004. Tristan da Cunha. Wartime Invasion. Easton: George Mann Publishers. ISBN 0954629914.160 pp.

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*A dispute exists between the Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland concerning sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Islas Georgias del Sur y Islas Sandwich del Sur) and the surrounding maritime areas.

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