UPDATED. The Pacific Seabird Group to celebrate 40 years of seabird science and conservation next February with a conference

Deadline extended:  "All abstracts must be received no later than December 30, 2012!"


The Pacific Seabird Group will hold its 40th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, USA over 20-24 February 2013.  The theme will be "Celebrating 40 Years of Seabird Science and Conservation".

Early (reduced-rate) registration closes on 4 January 2013 (click here).

Presentations are expected on seabird breeding biology, foraging ecology, physiology, population biology, genetics, conservation, fishery interactions, restoration ecology, winter ecology, techniques and on any other topic relevant to seabird biology.  In addition there will several special paper sessions, including on the value of attempting to rehabilitate oiled seabirds, on seabirds and marine spatial planning, and on the benefits to other seabirds from the conservation of threatened species.

A five-hour pelagic trip out of Newport, Oregon on 24 February is expected to see both Laysan Phoebastria immutabilis and Black-footed P. nigripes Albatrosses, with the Short-tailed Albatross P. albatrus a possibility (click here).

Short-tailed Albatross.  Photograph by Hiroshi Hasegawa

Note the deadline for submitting abstracts has now passed, as has that for applying for travel funds.

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 21 December 2012, updated 23 December 2012

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