SCAR Expert Group on Birds and Marine Mammals meets this week in BA

The SCAR Expert Group on Birds and Marine Mammals (EG-BAMM) meets next week in Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of the meeting of the Standing Scientific Group on Life Sciences (SSG-LS) of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). 

The Chief Officer of EB-BAMM is Mark Hindell (Australia) and its Secretary is Jan Ropert-Coudert (France) who together work with nine members from seven other countries.  EB-BAMM was established by amalgamating the former SCAR Groups of Experts on Birds and on Seals with a new Terms of Reference (click here).

 The annual report (since July 2009) of the recently constituted Expert Group may be accessed on the SCAR web site.

 It is hoped to bring a report of the 2010 meeting's deliberations in due course.

 John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 29 July 2010


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