Research on Southern Giant Petrels in Argentina: an ongoing programme

Flavio Quintana of Centro Nacional Patagónico-CONICET and the Wildlife Conservation Society and Sofía Copello of the Departamento de Biología, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata-CONICET have together been conducting research on the breeding biology and foraging ecology of Southern Giant Petrels Macronectes giganteus in Argentina for a number of years.

The Southern Giant Petrel is Argentina's only breeding ACAP-listed species, with an estimated population of 2600-2800 pairs in four colonies (approximately 6% of the global population).

Their studies have concentrated on the birds of Isla Arce and Isla Gran Robredo within the Parque Interjurisdiccional Marino Costero Patagonia Austral in northern Patagonia, where approximately 90% (2300 pairs) of Argentina's giant petrels breed.  Studies commenced in 1999 and are continuing under the leadership of Flavio Quintana (click here).

Information is now available on morphology, population status and trends, diet, health, at-sea distribution and dispersal and conservation, as well as much basic breeding data, as witnessed by the project's suite of publications to date (see below).

Current research is focusing on the year-round distribution of adult and juvenile Southern Giant Petrels on the Patagonian Shelf utilizing satellite telemetry in relation to oceanography and in assessing interactions with fisheries.

Chronological list of publications

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The following papers are in preparation

Copello, S., Dogliotti, A.I., Gagliardini, D.A. & Quintana, F.  Oceanographic and biological landscapes used by the Southern Giant Petrel during the breeding season at the Patagonian Shelf.

Copello, S., Favero, M., Quintana, F., Wilcox, C. & Tuck, G.  A forecasting approach for analyzing seabird-fishery interactions: an application to the Southern Giant Petrel at the Patagonian Shelf.

For information on the natural history and conservation of the study region in Patagonia click here.

Click here to access the ACAP Species Assessment for the Southern Giant Petrel.

With thanks to Sofía Copello and Flavio Quintana for information and photographs.

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 5 November 2010

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