Macquarie Island alien eradication exercise called off for this year due to bad weather

Following a near-continuous run of bad weather which has kept the helicopters largely grounded for weeks, the efforts to eradicate rabbits and rodents at Australia's Macquarie Island have been called off this year (click here for the press release by the Tasmanian Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage).

 "While the sub-Antarctic winter weather was always going to be a challenge and a known risk, an unusual weather pattern during the past six weeks has concentrated a succession of low pressure systems into a relatively narrow band of latitude around 50-60 degrees South.  This pattern has increased wind speeds and this, combined with low cloud, has meant that the helicopters have been able to fly on only a few days in June and no days in July."

 It is considered important to have finished the poison bait drop before the summer-breeding birds return, hence the decision to stop the exercise now.  It is understood a new attempt will be made next year, starting earlier in the season.

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 John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 24 July 2010

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