Southern Seabird Solutions Review Workshop report published


 The Southern Seabird Solutions Review Workshop was held from 10-11 November 2008 in Nelson, New Zealand.  A 20-page “Summary Record” of the workshop is now available at,67954/67954_Summary_Notes_Review_FINAL.pdf. 

The following text is taken from the report’s Executive Summary.

 The objectives of the workshop included:

·        review the work of the Trust to date,

·        look at international and domestic issues and actions around seabird bycatch, in particular existing and developing fisheries that overlap with seabirds, trends in seabird bycatch in New Zealand and overseas fisheries, and actions being taken by others, and

·        clarify the strengths of the Trust, and use the outcomes to agree on where and how the Trust can make the biggest contribution to solving seabird bycatch over the next five years both domestically and internationally.

Presentations were made on the current seabird bycatch situation in New Zealand and internationally.  Participants then identified the main steps that need to be taken in each New Zealand fishery and internationally. Following this, the strengths and networks of the Trust were considered, and using this combined set of information, the main ways in which the Trust can contribute to solving the issue were identified.

A key message from participants was that Southern Seabird Solutions has built a strong support base and an excellent reputation, and is now well placed to make an even greater contribution to solving the seabird issue in New Zealand and elsewhere. 

Several new mitigation measures were showcased and two participants built a Kiwi version of the Chilean cachaloteras and presented this at the workshop.

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Posted by John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 25 February 2008

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