Re-launched journal Seabird publishes on giant petrel identification



Seabird (ISSN 1757-5842) is the newly re-launched annual journal of the Seabird Group (see for its previous publication history).


Seabird publishes papers on seabird biology, conservation, identification and status, with an emphasis on the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas.  Guidelines for contributors may be found at


Volume 21 of 2008 carries an illustrated paper on the identification of Southern Macronectes giganteus and Northern M. halli Giant Petrels by Caio Carlos of Brazil and Jean-Francois Voisin of France.  Both birds are ACAP-listed species (click here for the ACAP Species Assessment of the Southern Giant Petrel).


Carlos, C.J. & Voisin, J.-F. 2008.  Identifying giant petrels, Macronectes giganteus and M. halli, in the field and in the hand.  Seabird 21: 1-15.

Posted by John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, with information from Martin Heubeck, Editor, Seabird.  15 March 2009

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