News of the First World Seabird Conference

The First World Seabird Conference, to be held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada from 7-11 September 2010 is only a little over a year away.

The conference now has its own web site [click here].

A call for abstracts will be sent out in September 2009 and details of registration for the conference will be made available in early 2010. All those that are part of the World Seabird Conference Community (sign up on the web site) will receive direct notifications.

The primary symposia planned are:

  • Climate Change and Seabirds: Comparative Ecosystem Dynamics of the World's Oceans
  • Interactions between Seabirds and Fisheries: a Global Perspective
  • Spatial Ecology at Sea: Opportunities and Challenges for Seabird Marine Protected Areas
  • Seabird Colonies: Restoration and Engineering of Seabird Nesting Habitat

Special Paper Sessions will be held on:

  • Technological and Analytical Innovation in Seabird Research
  • Marine Debris
  • Interactive Effects of Chemical Contaminants, Parasites and Stressors on Seabirds
  • Energetics, Physiology and Nutrition
  • Seabird Demography
  • Seabird Informatics, Databases and Long-term Monitoring

Click here for details of symposia and sessions.

ACAP is one of the conference partners, along with 24 other organizations.

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 21 August 2009

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