ACAP represented at the Second International Forum on the Sub-Antarctic UPDATED

The Second International Forum on the Sub-Antarctic was held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 26-27 April 2009.  The conference was hosted by Antarctic Tasmania at CCAMLR and titled Environmental Change in the Sub-Antarctic.  Approximately 60 attendees from five countries attended.  ACAP was represented at this conference by Drs Heidi Auman and Wiesława Misiak from the Secretariat.


The first day’s theme was Overview of the Sub-Antarctic System (Biota and Physical World) with the morning session covering change in the Sub-Antarctic system during the recent past, circa 1800 - mid 20th century, and the afternoon focusing on change in the modern era of science and environmental consciousness.  On the second day, the conference explored dynamic interactions in the Sub-Antarctic system, including atmosphere, water and land, and managing and adapting to environmental and ecological changes.  The final session discussed what the future holds for the Sub-Antarctic and was titled A Mirror on the Future. 

Poster sessions were held for both professionals and institutions and also for students, sponsored by the Tasmanian Polar Network.  ACAP displayed a poster titled Threats to Sub-Antarctic Seabirds: Conservation Challenges in the Southern Seas and received positive feedback from many attendees.


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Information from Heidi Auman, ACAP Secretariat, posted 8 May 2009, updated  16 May 2009

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