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Jamie Watts is a marine ecologist, illustrator, expedition leader and naturalist guide (click here).  After two years with the British Antarctic Survey he has spent five southern summers aboard ships in the Antarctic Peninsula area.  Jamie has kindly allowed depictions of his water-colour paintings of albatrosses to be used for conservation purposes by ACAP.  His albatross posters, as well as ones covering marine mammals, fish and squid, are professionally printed on high-quality A3 satin matt photo paper and can be ordered via his web site.  Posters are printed from 12 to 20 megapixel, hand-produced originals and are mailed in a tube.

He writes to ACAP Latest News: “Albatrosses remain under serious threat, although heroic efforts from a few have slowed the impact of fisheries on some populations.  World Albatross Day aims to celebrate the exquisite beauty of these animals, and remind us to work harder to bring them back from the brink.”





S African Albatrosses lo qual 2

NZ albies



  Wanderer RoyaAlbatross heads Jamie Watts

The six great albatrosses in the genus Diomedea

Wandering Southern Royal Albatross heads Jamie Watts

Comparison in bill and head shape between Wandering  (top) and Southern Royal Albatrosses

a: Southern Royal Albatross Diomedea epomophora; e-b: age classes of Wandering Albatross D. exulans

Posted 04 April 2020, updated 05 December 2020

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