The World Albatross Day 2020 Banner Challenge: ACAP announces its third competition

Gonydale hut Chris Jones.Michelle Risi

Michelle Risi and Chris Jones with their WAD2020 Banner outside the new field hut in Gonydale on Gough Island

As part of raising awareness of the inaugural World Albatross Day on 19 June and to draw attention to the conservation crisis facing the world’s 22 albatross species, ACAP has been challenging field teams working with albatrosses at breeding localities or going to sea as observers on fishing vessels to make a suitably-worded banner or poster advertising the international day.

Banner photos have come from 22 islands with breeding albatrosses (some photographed at different times and localities), two fishing vessels and one institute, along with two ‘virtual’ banners when COVID-19 restrictions halted field work.  A selection of banner challenge photos is available on this website in individual posts for each country involved.  Click below the photograph captions to read more about each one in posts to ACAP Latest News.

These 47 photographs, one for each “photo opportunity”, have now been loaded to an album on ACAP’s Facebook Page.  Readers are invited to visit the album and click ‘like’ or ‘love’ on the ones they particularly think help the most to spread the message of albatross conservation.  Click on just one or as many as you like.

At the end of June the likes and loves will be totalled up and the photograph with the greatest number of clicks will be declared the challenge winner. The person who submitted the winning photograph will then receive a book on South Africa’s Sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands co-authored and signed by ACAP’s Information Officer, as well as a printed WAD2020 poster suitable for framing.

With grateful thanks to all who have made, photographed and submitted images of WAD2020 banners to ACAP Latest News.

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, updated 06 June 2020

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